How Inesa Ponomariovaite Is Changing the CBD Industry

CBD is an incredibly popular option for a variety of medical conditions, from insomnia to pain cessation, to anxiety relief and more, yet many may not realize that simple CBD isn’t their only option. Not all extracted cannabis oils are the same, and in recent years, the more potent option — CBDa — has been gaining popularity. 

Inesa Ponomariovaite, the owner of Nesa’s Hemp, knows the superior benefits of CBDa well. She has leveraged the purity and effectiveness of CBDa into her business, which aims to provide people with the cleanest holistic CBD treatments available. “Our oil is made with living hemp — a rare form of hemp that is delicately produced by using the whole plant and keeping it alive during the extraction process,” says Ponomariovaite. 

Ponomariovaite’s background with illnesses and injuries has informed her venture. Having experienced how potent and effective CBDa can be, she has dedicated multiple years to studying the healing properties of CBD and has become an expert in this emerging industry. 

The CBDa difference 

CBDa stands for Cannabidiolic Acid. Like its close relative CBD, it carries some noted health benefits, but kicks the effectiveness and potency up a notch. “CBDa is far more effective than CBD alone,” explains Ponomariovaite, “CBDa is part of the plant’s natural intelligence. The main phytocannabinoid compound in living hemp offers major health benefits to the body.” Like CBD, CBDa contains no THC, is non-addictive, and can be used in various ways, including oil applied to the skin and edibles. 

Most commercial extraction processes use extreme temperatures that kill off the ultra-effective CBDa. Through her research, Ponomariovaite has developed a restructured extraction process that allows the natural CBDa to remain intact. 

CBDa affects the human endocannabinoid system (ECS) differently than traditional CBD. For one, CBDa’s increased potency promotes an elevated mood. It can prevent nausea and vomiting, making it an excellent option for people with anxiety or those experiencing sickness from treatments such as chemotherapy, which can induce nausea. 

CBDa has also shown benefits in lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and promoting natural healing. It is also effective in bolstering the immune system, which could help people battle widespread illnesses such as influenza and COVID

“I hope to empower people to look at therapeutic hemp oil differently. There’s still such a huge stigma attached to hemp products, but, when they’re produced with the highest quality in mind, they can bring a ton of relief to the user,” Ponomariovaite told Medium.

An elite product in the CBD space 

CBD use is becoming increasingly widespread as people continue to discover its wide array of benefits, but popularity can often lead to poor quality products and regulation. Ponomariovaite wanted to bring an elite, natural product to the CBD space, and she had high expectations for her product. “It had to be 100% organic and it had to be extracted from seed to bottle without chemicals, solvents, or heavy metals,” she explains.  

Nesa’s Hemp offers the first full-spectrum CBDa hemp oil. Along with this exclusive product offering, Ponomariovaite has become a noted figure in the holistic wellness industry. Having witnessed the transformative power of CBDa oil, Pnomariovaite is passing her knowledge to those who need it the most. 

“I’m living my dream and fulfilling my purpose of destigmatizing the hemp oil industry and supporting people in taking that first step to a healthier future through a natural, plant-based relief source. I’m helping people every day,” said Ponomariovaite. 

Ponomariovaite practices what she preaches, ensuring she is aligned with her mission in her personal life and professional approach. “You need to perform optimally, and that starts with ensuring you’re staying healthy, getting enough rest, and taking time for yourself.”

Pushing the CBDa revolution forward 

Ponomariovaite believes that CBDa is the future of holistic wellness and the next revolution in cannabis-based healing. As a result, Nesa’s Hemp is growing rapidly and expanding its product line.

Ponomariovaite is working on securing partnerships and continuing to dive deep into research. “Knowledge is power, and we believe in full transparency with our consumers to empower them to make the best possible wellness decisions,” she says. 

As holistic wellness becomes more accepted and the benefits of full spectrum CBD oil and other CBDa products become more well-known, businesses like Nesa’s Hemp will continue to expand and meet the growing need and demand. Ponomariovaite is optimistic about the future and excited about what is to come. “I always felt deep in my heart that the solutions were out there — they just hadn’t been discovered yet. It was this, coupled with my desire to help people live their best lives.”

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