How much does composite fencing cost?

The average price of composite fence panels is between $25 and $37. It is similar to that of the metal fence. As far as the price is concerned, it is in the middle stage. Composite fencing cost more than chain link fencing and vinyl fencing, but cost less than wood fencing.

Composite fencing comprises recyclable wood and recyclable plastic which is absolutely eco-accommodating. It is an ideal substitute for customary fencing due to its better presentation and lower upkeep. Unifloor furnishes the WPC fence series with a few styles of items. WPC fencing can be reused totally. The wood-plastic composite fence has such great execution, then, at that point, what is its cost?

Price references of multiple fencing materials

Materials Average Prices
Chain link $5-20
Vinyl $10-40
Wood $17-45
Composite $25-37
Metal $26-34


Based on the above chart, from the price alone, chain link fencing is the cheapest selection, then is vinyl fencing. The price range of the most traditional wooden fencing is the largest. The price of composite fencing and metal fencing is included in the range of wood fencing. Composite fencing cost and metal fencing cost nearly the same, and also their performances are agreeable to lots of people.


If you want to know clearly the cost-effectiveness of the material, except for the price, you also need to know about the performance of these materials. The following are performance comparisons among composite fencing and other types of fencing, hope it will help.

Composite fencing versus chain link fencing

Contrasted and chain link fencing, composite fencing has a more appealing appearance with a better security assurance impact.

Composite fencing versus vinyl fencing


Contrasted and vinyl fencing, composite fencing can likewise keep going for over 10 years with more variety of plans and lower support, yet it costs more than vinyl fencing.

Composite fencing versus wood fencing


Contrasted and wood fencing, composite fencing requires no finishing or painting, and simultaneously, it can keep a similar striking grain as genuine wood. It is impervious to decay and bug harm and keeps a somewhat steady cost.

Composite fencing versus aluminum fencing


Contrasted and aluminum fencing, composite fencing has similar solid and durable highlights, yet isn’t unreasonably broadly utilized. Composite fencing is mostly utilized for nurseries, parks, and other outside areas. Composite fencing is a lot simpler to introduce.

Composite fencing versus wrought iron fencing


Contrasted to wrought iron fencing, composite fencing is less adaptable however it is impervious to scratch and never rusts.
I believe this article can help you to have a comprehensive understanding of the price of wood plastic composite fences as well as the cost performance. If you also want to learn more about other types of fences made from other materials, you can visit the website of Timber Ridge Fence Company by clicking on the link.

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