How to bet on Golf

Why Bet on Golf?

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world and is a great sport for sports betting in Australia. With tournaments lasting for four days and played throughout the year, golf betting provides excellent opportunities for research and preparation.

Golf Bet Types

There are a number of betting types available for aspiring golf bettors. We have listed the most popular options below:

Tournament Winner – Betting on a tournament winner is, without doubt, the most popular market and the simplest way to bet on golf. A bet is placed on a player to win the tournament at a fixed price, and if he wins, you collect! As tournaments have a lot of entrants betting returns are normally nice odds.

Top 5, Top 10 & Top 20 Betting – Some golfers on tour have become known as “cheque collectors” in that while they don’t often win (or at all), they are consistent and continually finish high up on the leader boards. These players can be profitable to bet on to finish in the top 5, 10 and 20 markets. The payouts aren’t as great as the tournament winner markets, but the payouts are more consistent. Bettors who can identify emerging talent can profit greatly from this bet type.

First Round Leader Betting – Experienced golfers will tell you that the best time to play in a golf tournament is early on the first day. The greens are fresh, and the wind is non-existent, making low scores easier. There is value to be had in finding a player who will hit off early and make the most of the conditions. Between 2010 and 2014, English golfer Graeme Storm leads four tournaments after Round 1 at odds of close to 100-1 on each occasion. With research and discipline, First Round Leader Betting can prove very profitable.

Golf Match Bets – Golf match bets involve picking one player to outperform another player/s in either one round or over the whole tournament. These bet types normally involve groups of two or three players. If your player scores lower than his opponent/s, you win. Research into the strengths and weaknesses of players involved in the course and in the conditions is crucial.

The Majors

The four golf tournaments below are held annually and carry more prestige than any other event. They are known as the Majors.

US Masters – The 2022 Masters will take place April 7-10. The tournament is always held at Augusta National in Augusta, Georgia, one of the most famous courses in the world. With drama lurking everywhere, the course rewards patience throughout the week and players with a creative game from tee to green.

US PGA – The 2022 PGA Championship will take place May 19-22 at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Tiger Woods won the last USA PGA at the course back in 2007. The PGA Championship is typically the easiest course setup of the four majors and favours long and high hitters. Rory McIlroy won the 2012 PGA Championship here at 13-under par.

US Open – The US Open will take place June 16-19 at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Brookline is a shorter course and will allow shorter hitters to contend. The event is typically the toughest test of golf in the world each year, where it is a challenge to break par. Length and accuracy off the tee have been a key statistic in recent years as the courses have gotten longer.

The Open Championship – The Open Championship (also referred to as the British Open) will take place on July 14-17 at St. Andrews in Fife, Scotland. Tiger Woods won at St. Andrews in 2000 and 2005, while shorter, accurate players in Louis Oosthuizen and Zach Johnson won in 2010 and 2015. The Open Championship is always held at a classic links-style golf course that often has windy and tough conditions. Skilful players are favoured in these conditions.

Golf Tips & Previews

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