Aspects you need to know about pallet jack

The device is known as a pallet truck, pallet pump, hand truck, or jigger. This tool is used to lift pallets. The pallet is a forklift used to move pallets within a warehouse. This article will discuss a few elements you need to know before purchasing the device.


It is a type of equipment that is used for handling various materials. It offers a solution by lifting the light and the heavy loads.

This jack can lift objects to eight feet maximum.

How the machine works

The machine relies on four wheels to transport materials and is composed of polyurethane, nylon, or rubber.

The machines come in two forms; manual machines or powered ones. The manual device is popular because it is simple to use, well designed, and affordable.

The powered machine is designed to a high degree of complexity and has an engine which moves it.

The ride-on pallet jack has a step that the operator can stand on while riding it. There are also sit-on ones which come with seats, whereby the operators can sit on when working. The proximity of the load to be carried, its working site, the pack’s mass, and shifts influence whether a manual device or a powered truck is used.

Sit-on pallet trucks are preferred for long shifts and long-distance loads.

The load capacity it should carry.

The trucks are not all of the exact sizes. They are intended for light and heavy lifting. It is not recommended to use those designed for gentle lifting to lift loads heavier than they can handle, as this may cause them to break down.

The ones for heavy lifting will have dependable features that allow them to lift heavy weights.

Parts of the pallet truck

Steer wheels

Numerous hand trucks have two key steer wheel alternatives: polyurethane as well as rubber-edged nylon. The selection here is determined by the environment within which the device will be used.

It is essential to consider the surfaces on which one will be functioning as well as the noises that can be tolerated when operating with trucks.

Rubber-edged tires are best for rough surfaces that are smooth where minimal noise is required, whereas nylon is ideal for surfaces that are smooth, as well as on heavy-duty trucks.


Numerous hand trucks don’t entail brakes, but specific brands relatively offer pallet trucks that come with the hand brakes to halt the trucks quickly.

The brakes prevent accidents. They give you the much-needed control while working on slant surfaces. Brakes are essential during work operations that involve heavy loads, especially in environments whereby one should be cautious to prevent accidents.


The above information is essential to consider before purchasing pallet truck that makes work easier and ensures a good flow of jobs from one department to another. It is worth buying it.

Any potential buyer should consider factors such as ultimate load, fork length, and activity environment. I hope this article acts as a helpful reference.

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