How to engage your overwhelmed employees in corporate training

Your employees have busy lives. On top of all their responsibilities at work, they have household chores, children’s afterschool activities, and other personal obligations. They are also bombarded by alerts, calls, and messages from social media apps and electronic devices.

No wonder most of your employees are only semi-engaged during e-learning training courses. However, there are things that you can do to keep overwhelmed employees engaged in corporate training.

Space Out the Learning

Research suggests that people retain knowledge better if they can stop and take breaks between studying. When creating customized eLearning training programs, space out your employees’ learning sessions. This gives their brain a little bit of time to adapt to what they are learning. Cramming a bunch of information does not work.

You will keep your employees more engaged if you break longer content up into micro modules of learning that can be delivered in smaller bursts. Training sessions should be intermixed with spaces where your employees go back to work and put into practice what they have learned. The intervals between training sessions and the nature of the content should be adjusted based on the content being taught.

Make It Easy for Employees to Find Related Content

It can be frustrating for employees to waste time trying to find relevant information for the training course on your company’s database. It makes the e-learning process frustrating, especially when people spend more time looking for the training resources instead of benefiting from the training.

Do Not Underestimate Self-Directed Learning

Adult learners feel comfortable having more control over what’s happening in their lives. This includes when they have to take work-related exams. They will enthusiastically participate in the learning experience if they have control over their training.

Remember, your employees are overwhelmed and stressed. What they want more than anything is breathing room. Clients are breathing down their necks, they have deadlines to meet, and they have other time-sensitive obligations outside the workplace. Your employees might already feel that they have a mountain of responsibility. The last thing you want to do is take an overwhelmed employee and then have them see additional training as a chore.

Tailor the Training for the Employee

Your average worker is overworked and under a time crunch. They are already trying to get too many things done that they don’t have time for. This is why many employees say that a lack of time is the biggest obstacle to work training.

Now that you understand what your employees are going through, why not consider offering personalized learning experiences for employees? A customized course gives your employees the flexibility to train at a time they want using the tools assigned to complete the task.


It might sound goofy, but some people just need a pat on the back to know that the effort they put forth to train is valued.

Of course, recognition will not make your team’s workload magically disappear. But it will make them feel happy about the contributions they are giving to the company by means of corporate training. It could motivate them to continue to take advantage of company training programs in order to improve themselves and the services they offer to the company.

Keep Your Employees Engaged and Help Them Enjoy Learning

Once you understand what is preventing your employees from learning effectively, it is up to you to craft a personalized learning experience for them.

Customized e-learning courses deliver exactly what your employees need to know when they need to know it. It is not just a generic or role-based training program. It is designed for the specific employee or employees being trained in mind.

A personalized learning program should have relevant content. Participants should see the clear value of the training. When the value becomes apparent, the need for compulsory training decreases.

Create an Effective E-Learning Environment

When you put effort into creating an environment where your employees feel supported and enriched, they are going to take their training seriously. You will end up with a group of loyal, molded, satisfied, and engaged employees dedicated to giving their best.

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