Lab Grown Diamonds Adelaide and Man Made Diamonds Adelaide

If you are looking for a lab grown diamonds Adelaide, you can visit Novita Diamonds. Novita is one of the largest sellers of lab-grown diamonds in Australia, with a showroom in Adelaide. The company has a wide selection of diamonds to suit your personal style and budget. Novita’s onsite Adelaide showroom makes the purchasing process easy. Here’s a closer look at the different types of diamonds available.


Lab-grown diamonds are not imitations, but real diamonds that have been grown in a laboratory. The process is as precise and eco-friendly as the procedure used to grow natural diamonds, and the resulting stones are identical to mined diamonds in chemical composition. While the process of growing a diamond is extremely complex, lab-grown diamonds are easy to distinguish from a real diamond without the use of expensive equipment.

Real diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are 100% real diamonds. They are identical to mined diamonds in chemical makeup, making them ideal for engagement rings and other fine jewelry. EverettBrookes Jewellers sells Australia’s largest range of certified diamonds and is the largest retailer of these man-made stones. The company’s certified diamonds are guaranteed to be pure and authentic. A big advantage of lab-grown vs. natural diamonds is their environmental and ethical credentials.

Perfect jewelry

Lab-grown diamonds are perfect for engagement and wedding rings. These unique diamonds are also eco-friendly and are as pure as natural diamonds. In fact, you can’t tell the difference between a lab-grown and a real diamond by looking at it. If you’re thinking about proposing to your partner in a few years, a lab-grown diamond is the perfect choice. The price is competitive with other natural diamonds.

Get diamonds from your hometown

As an Australian citizen, you can be proud of your diamond. You can choose a diamond from your hometown and avoid conflict or animal harm. Aside from being a sustainable choice, you’ll be saving money for your engagement. These beautiful and durable diamonds are ethical, eco-friendly, and conflict-free. And if you are looking for an affordable ring, lab grown diamonds will save you a lot of money.

Lab-grown diamonds are environmentally-friendly. They have the same chemical composition and make up as natural diamonds. The only difference is the price. The synthetic diamond is 30% to 40% cheaper than the natural equivalent. This makes it an excellent choice for people who are concerned about the environment. And the price difference doesn’t hurt your budget either. Compared to the real thing, lab-grown diamonds are a better option.

There are many benefits to buying a lab-grown diamond. A lab-grown diamond is similar to a natural diamond, and they are graded and cut exactly the same way. However, it is possible to tell the difference if they’re real or fake. Besides being a great option for an engagement ring, you can also get a cheaper version of a larger-sized gemstone. Ultimately, you should go with a lab-grown diamond if you’re looking for an alternative to the real thing.

Created in a laboratory

A lab-grown diamond is not mined. It’s created in a laboratory. The diamond’s chemical makeup is the same as that of a mined one. The only difference is the price. A lab-grown diamond is 40% cheaper than a mined one, and it is made from recycled metals. A diamond that was grown in a lab has the same chemical composition as a mined stone.

A lab-grown diamond is identical to a natural diamond, and it’s a lot less expensive than a natural diamond. Its price is cheaper, and it’s ethical. It’s also better for the environment. The carbon footprint of a lab-grown diamond is almost zero. And lab-grown diamonds are also environmentally friendly. They’re much less likely to cause environmental damage and they’re much less likely to have any conflict.


In a lab, a diamond can be produced in a few days. This saves both time and money, and the cost is much lower, too. And unlike real diamonds, these are completely indistinguishable from a natural one. The same holds true for lab-grown diamonds. They are made under the same conditions as mined ones. The difference lies in the fact that they can be produced in different colours.

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