Skin Clinic in Gurgaon: Reasons for Saggy Skin and Remedy

Perhaps you have been working out very hard at the gym and have lost a good amount of weight. This is undoubtedly good news for your health. However, one common side effect noticed with gymming is developing saggy skin on both body and face. This is due to the loss of unwanted fat. Reduction or deterioration of elastin and collagen in the dermis area is also cited to be the reason for saggy skin.

Countering saggy skin problems

The fact is any person may develop saggy skin. However, it is noticed more as people age. Even those having lost a good amount of weight in less time are found to be susceptible. Also are cited several medical conditions. Whatever be the reason for its development, treating sagging skin at home can be a real challenge. Fortunately, numerous skin-tightening options are available ranging from surgical solutions to OTC products.


Firm skin may stretch as well as snap back easily into place. As skin loses this particular ability, it begins to sag. This might take place in any part of the body. A few common areas where saggy skin can be noticed are the eyelids, chin, jowls, stomach, upper arms, and throat. You can look for appropriate solutions by discussing with the specialists at the leading Skin Clinic In Gurgaon.

Reasons for the development of saggy skin

  • Weight loss: Elastin fibers and collagen present in the skin might get damaged due to carrying additional weight for extended time periods. Thus, your skin finds it tough to snap back on losing weight. Saggy skin of significant amounts might develop on losing a good amount of weight. Rapid weight loss, like after bariatric surgery is cited to be a major issue.
  • Aging: With age, the skin tends to lose vital proteins, namely, collagen and elastic that are manufactured within the dermis area. Elastin offers skin elasticity while providing firmness and bouncing ability when stretched. Fibroblasts produce collagen. The presence of collagen is what makes skin taut and firm. With age, collagen and elastin production reduces. Even external factors deteriorate its production like pollutants, cigarette smoke, UV exposure, certain lifestyles, etc.
  • Illness: Saggy skins mark certain medical conditions. One among them is a rare subtype of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma called granulomatous slack skin. Those suffering from this condition experience gradual skin slackening on their knees and elbow regions. Granulomatous slack skin resulting in saggy skin is not much treatable.
  • Pregnancy: After pregnancy results in loose skin, thus causing sagging to some level. Women carrying multiples like twins or triplets might experience more sagging skin, especially around their abdominal region when compared to those of a single baby. Even maternal age tends to play a vital role.
  • EDS (Ehlers-Danlos syndrome): This is another condition that results in saggy skin. This is stated to be a rare type of connective tissue disorder generally inherited in nature. People suffering from EDS tend to experience defects in their collagen production, thus developing doughy, saggy skin mostly on their faces.

When to visit the Skin Doctor In Gurgaon?

You should search for a skin specialist near me to get treatment for sagging skin if:

  • You notice saggy skin hanging down, resulting in pain, irritation, or chafing.
  • There are experienced a significant or immediate change in the skin’s condition, causing rash, swelling, or looseness.
  • You feel emotionally distressed due to this problem.

Factors to consider getting proper treatment

In case you feel concerned about the saggy skin area, then several things should be undertaken to eliminate or reduce it. Saggy skin generally might range from significant to slight. There are some factors to be considered when determining available treatment options:

  • Feelings about the persisting condition.
  • Amount of sagging.
  • Body parts where sagging occurs.

How to eliminate moderate saggy skin?

There are offered minimally invasive and non-invasive treatments that assure to enhance saggy skin elasticity and tone. Often, they are effective when combined with appropriate healthy lifestyle choices.  The qualified dermatologists also suggest a few following procedures:

  • MFU (Micro focused Ultrasound): In this procedure, heat is sent deep within the skin’s layers, thereby supporting collagen production. It helps lift saggy skin. However, improvement in skin elasticity and firmness will take some time which is about a year.
  • Laser resurfacing: It is a highly effective procedure using advanced laser technology. However, it is termed to be more invasive while taking a good amount of recovery time, say about two weeks. Upper skin layers are eliminated with laser resurfacing while heat is sent deep within lower layers, called laser peeling.
  • Laser therapy: Laser therapy treatments offered are of different types. They boost collagen production while improving skin tone. It does help firm the stomach and upper arms including other body parts.

Outlook on having saggy skin

Small-to-moderate results can be availed with at-home treatments. There are available effective non-surgical procedures to treat this condition but offer temporary results. To derive surgical procedures, follow doctors’ instructions fully on ongoing weight management. It can also help avoid unwanted side effects. Also will be essential to perform exercises regularly. But do get to know from the specialists what you are allowed to perform and not. Exercises when carefully combined can help firm skin.

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