Supply Side Platforms

A supply-side platform (SSP) is an intermediary technology platform that allows publishers to obtain better prices for their ad impressions by sending bid requests to different auction partners. In other words, SSPs connect demand partners and online publishers through ad exchanges.

For publishers, using an SSP can significantly increase return on investment through open ad exchanges, direct deals, or private marketplaces. Real-time bidding plays a key role in digital advertising for publishers and demand-side partners.

SSPs connect publishers’ advertising assets directly or through exchanges with multiple demand partners, which may be demand-side platforms.

Each time someone loads a web page, the SSP sends ad requests to various DSPs connected to media buyers who bid to serve ads to the page visitor.

The SSP receives the highest paying bid and forwards it to the respective ad server. The ad server’s subsequent decision depends on the publisher’s configuration.

It might initially seem a little confusing, so here’s a simplified version of what makes SSPs important to publishers.

Why do you need an SSP?

The digital advertising market has multiple ad networks and ad exchanges that may bring together publishers and multiple demand partners.

Nonetheless, supply-side platforms (SSPs) excel at connecting multiple networks/exchanges and giving publishers access to tens of thousands of advertisers globally.

Other than that, SSPs handle the complexities of managing multiple demand-side platforms (DSPs), exchanges, or networks. Different SSPs offer slightly different features and services that provide unique benefits.

Works of Supply-Side Platforms 

Supply-Side Platforms interact with DSPs to determine the winner trying to connect with a publisher’s audience.

However, the following points outline the processes needed to achieve this goal.

  • After selecting an SSP, grant it access to your ad units.
  • Your SSP sends ad requests and transaction IDs to multiple DSPs and ad exchanges each time a user visits your site.
  • During the auction, DSPs bid on the publisher’s ad unit by offering different prices.
  • Your SSP considers your ad unit settings and advertiser audience requirements before reaching the highest bid price.
  • The ad server then determines the winner of the open auction.
  • The winning advertisement will then be published on the publisher’s website.

Top SSP Companies


OpenX is an ad hub that integrates a bid-side platform (SSP), real-time bidding (RTB), and ad server under one roof. Ad developers and premium publishers can generate ad revenue from their content using scalable solutions backed by a high-yield global ad marketplace.


PubMatic combines SSP and cloud infrastructure with ad technology solutions that enable web publishers to increase advertising ROI with app developers’ multimedia ads. The company has eight data centers and 16 offices around the world.

Google Ads Manager

Google Ad Manager is one of the most popular names on this list and was formed after the merger of Google AdX and Google FDP. Today, Google Ad Manager is a full-service platform that monitors all aspects of ad campaigns and content. Additionally, Google Ad Manager offers a dashboard with advanced reporting features.


Sovrn serves publishers looking to increase programmatic revenue and optimize ad monetization. The platform offers monetization solutions and benefits like audience insights while simplifying tasks like setup, management, and more, through a feature called OneTag.

Index Exchange

Index Exchange provides a transparent global marketplace for leading digital media companies to reach buyers with real-time ad impressions. This SSP gives publishers full control over pricing and configuration.


SpotX is primarily a video SSP that helps publishers find partners to sell video ad space and video ad inventory. The platform does the heavy lifting, including ad and traffic management, while providing app developers and publishers with video ad products.


Teads is positioned as a pioneer in out-stream video and the world’s largest market for video advertising. Online publishers can connect with Teads to create new video ad inventory and monetize video content through programmatic purchases.

Vistar Media

Vistar Media offers publishers an end-to-end programmatic revenue generation option. These include an SSP, a Demand Side Platform (DSP), and digital signage software. The software enables automated, measurable, and data-driven digital out-of-home (DOOH) transactions.

Improve Digital

Improve Digital has partnerships with over 250 media owners across Europe. It is an international Swisscom company with branches in Paris, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​Antwerp, and Milan.


Magnite was formed following the merger of Project Rubicon and Telaria in 2020, a deal the two said would create the world’s largest independent SSP. The platform offers publishers Private Marketplace (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), and Auction Package features to increase control over ad inventory sales.

Media.Net is part of Bing and Yahoo! Network. It gives publishers instant access to one of the most crowded markets for keyword-targeted advertisers. The size and scope of your niche don’t matter, and you can find advertisers that match your content.


With e-planning, publishers, benefit from an ad server and an SSP in one package. It is one of the oldest ad servers in the world. The platform enables effective ad network selection through various tools designed to get the most out of each ad in exchange for maximum impressions and better revenue.


Criteo offers a diverse selection of ads such as Standard IAB, Sticky Footer, Native Ads, Rich Media Ads, and Native API. Publishers can use the direct auction system to increase their website’s advertising revenue by directly tying premium inventory to premium demand.


AdCology is a mobile video advertising platform for app developers and global brands. Founded in 2011, the platform is known for its proprietary Instant Play and Aurora HD Interactive HD video technologies and programmatic marketplace.

Verizon Media

Verizon Media offers a simple SSP with a unified programmatic solution that gives publishers tools to drive monetization through premium ad networks, diverse ad formats, and ad inventory.


PulsePoint is an advanced data and technology company breaking new ground with programmatic solutions for healthcare organizations to personalize information and improve outcomes.

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