The Company that Created an Ice Cream Truck, but for Cannabis

Weedsies is taking its reputation as an innovator in the field of CBD one step further with its latest business project. It is called Weedsies Mobile, and it will bring CBD, hemp, and cannabis to communities in the same way that ice cream trucks bring popsicles.

Founded by Henry Calix in 2020, Weedsies is well known for providing its customers with a unique online experience designed to connect patients, consumers, clinics, and shops at the local level. Weedsies Mobile, which will launch later this year with a fleet of trucks and vending machines, will make it even easier to connect.

“Weedsies set out to close the circle in the CBD, hemp, and cannabis space by creating a unified online experience,” says Henry. “Weedsies Mobile will take our mission to the next level, providing opportunities for customers to sample products right where they are.”

Weedsies will start the Weedsies Mobile project with 10 delivery vehicles and 10 vending machines in South Florida, which are scheduled to hit the streets in the next two months. The trucks will pass through communities, selling sample-size packages to customers as a way of promoting the vendors and products that are available through the Weedsies online marketplace. The vending machines will be placed in venues like nightclubs, bars, smoke shops, malls, and hotels.

Henry, who serves as CEO of Weedsies, is an accomplished entrepreneur whose projects also include Calix Fashion, Calix Online Financial and the podcast “Perspective with Henry Calix.” The success of Weedsies has attracted the attention of Forbes, Yahoo Finance, and CEO Weekly

The work that Henry is doing through Weedsies has positioned him as a pioneer in the cannabis industry. His most notable achievement was developing the Weedsies website to serve a nationwide market while complying with the many varied state laws that regulate the cannabis industry. The site accomplishes this by limiting each shopper’s access to only those products that are legal and available in their local area. Thanks to Henry’s work, vendors who sell through Weedsies get the assurance that their online sales will not violate appropriate laws. The Weedsies website also stands alone in terms of the flexibility that it provides for payment.

“Currently, Weedsies is the only online marketplace combining all CBD, hemp, and cannabis products and providing the user with the ability to pay online for any of the products,” Henry explains. “Weedsies facilitates more methods of payments for the users than any other online

marketplace in the industry by accepting credit cards, cryptocurrencies, and online cash payment.”

Making Weedsies work was not an easy endeavor. Henry spent more than three years developing the site, maxing out his credit cards in order to fund his progress. At first, he considered selling the domain name for $1,200. But his grit kept him from bailing out.

“I have a habit of making a decision and sticking to it,” Henry shares. “I believe you need consistency to achieve your goals. Whatever the business — whether it is a digital marketplace or anything else — consistency and perseverance are the keys to success. Take it one step at a time and remain patient, but never give up”

Another unique component of Henry’s business model is what he calls the “Sharing is Caring” approach. Rather than seeing other shops and dispensaries selling similar products as competition to Weedsies, Henry sees them as potential clients. His vision is to unite the industry by welcoming shops in and assisting them with Weedsies’ unique online sales solutions. Startups can even get information about receiving funding through the website.

Henry likes to think of Weedsies as the “Amazon or Shopify” of cannabis. Now, with Weedsies Mobile, he is launching what can be seen as the Uber Eats or DoorDash of cannabis. Although his next innovation remains to be seen, it will most likely involve overcoming another challenge that is facing the industry. As Henry likes to say, “Focus on solutions and success will follow.”

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