The Features And Characteristics Of Husqvarna Power Saw in Kenya

From repetitive firewood cutting, small and quick cuts cutting to climbing and felling down of trees, whether in the forestry business, farms, or backyards, unless you have the right machine for this task, it will not be easy for you.

In this article, the reasons, why dealers of this machine advertise so much on a Husqvarna power saw, will be more elaborated.

Machinery invention has taken great turns in the market today.

Today, you will come across many powers saw brands. If searching for an inexpensive yet professional power saw, then the Husqvarna power saw is waiting to be your partner, and be sure to get exceptional services.

Below are some of the features and characteristics of Husqvarna’s power saw.


Husqvarna’s power saw is powerful. With its 3.6 ow engine output, it ensures that there is more power to keep continuous work even while cutting through hardwoods engine also provides an immediate acceleration when the power saw starts ensuring that you get the kick to cut through anything placed before the power saw.

Because of this power saw’s two-way bars, the X–Force and the X–Cut, they ensure to get cutting easier and more efficient.


Husqvarna power saw’s fuels, filling equipment, and lubricants ensure optimum engine performance. Filling equipment with ingenious grips and spouts technique enables quick refuel without any fuel waste or splash effects hence making the performance even better.


Safety features like chain brakes, low vibration, low kickback, and air injection ensure the user is safe.

The revolutionary air cleaning system( air injection) ensures that dust and debris are kept away from the power saw’s filter by centrifuging the incoming air to allow the engine to keep going for long without the need to clean the filter frequently and keep the filter unclogged.

Also, the air injection purifies the air before it gets to the power saw’s engine hence, saving the engine from unnecessary wear for longer product life.

Other Significant Parts of the Power Saw

The start stump vice ensures a smart solution in making it easier in sharpening the saw’s chains.

The auto-tunes check the engine’s humidity, temperature, altitude, air filter clogging, and fuel quality by constantly fine-tuning the air-fuel mixture. The autotune helps the engine to run perfectly without the need to manually turn the carburetor.


Husqvarna power saw comes with a one-year warranty for provisional use and a two-year warranty for consumers. The warranty ensures that the power saw has a promising long lifespan.

Husqvarna power saw dealers in Kenya ensure customers satisfaction is a top priority in hand with the power saw’s expert advice, proactive maintenance, and professional support throughout the product’s entire life cycle.


Cutting of trees or forestry activities success is measured by productivity. Husqvarna power saw always makes sure success and is one thing you can have for any time use. The machine ensures efficiency and time saving for the users. The efficiency may be affected by the user though, hence the one using it should be well conversant with its use.

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