The Types of Diamond Cuts

Several different types of diamond cuts are available to consumers, including modified brilliant diamond cuts. They are very similar to round brilliant cuts but have unique aesthetic features. Some of these diamond cuts are also classified as fancy cuts, such as heart, pear, and oval. The most common modified brilliant cuts are heart, oval, and marquise. Other styles include trillion and half-moon.

A modified round diamond can have as many as 58 facets, or as few as 57. Another type is the cushion cut, which features an extra row of facets under the girdle. This type of diamond often resembles a flower and features exceptional sparkle. It is also less expensive than traditional cushion brilliant cuts.

Asscher cut

There are 11 different types of diamond cuts, and the Asscher cut is one of the most popular. Its symmetrical step cuts and high crown create a stunning diamond that looks larger than its actual size. This style is also known for its high brilliance. However, it can be expensive to purchase, as it typically costs about 10% more than other cuts.

The Asscher cut is similar to an emerald cut, but is square instead of rectangular. It features a high crown and large step facets, which give the stone its unique brilliance. Its sparkle is described by diamond experts as like the shimmer of an endless hallway with reflective mirrors. It is generally a square shape, with 50 or 58 facets, but is sometimes more octagonal.

Princess cut

The princess cut is a brilliant-style diamond shapes with pointed corners. A princess diamond typically has a length-to-width ratio of 1.05 or less. The cut’s pavilion facets are wide at the culet and narrow as they approach the girdle. In this manner, the princess cut is the opposite of a cut-cornered radiant, which has the facets arranged on the sides.

The princess cut is a popular diamond shape. It is a square, rectangular, or inverted pyramid shape that has four beveled sides. This cut was popular during the 1980s and 1990s, and is now the second most popular of all diamond cuts.

Marquise cut

A marquise cut diamond is one of the most popular shapes and sizes for engagement rings. It is a classic shape, and it can be narrow or slightly wider. Its ratio of width to length is largely determined by personal preference. Some people prefer a longer diamond, while others like it chunkier. The symmetry of the stone is another important factor. A marquise can have a thick or thin girdle, or it can be thin and chunky.

The marquise cut originated in diamonds, but it has since been used with other precious stones as well. Many people choose this cut for its dramatic effect, and it complements the sparkle of a sparkling smile. The marquise shape is also a popular choice for a ring to balance a wide finger.

Cushion cut

Cushion cut diamonds are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a timeless cut that will never go out of style. These diamonds are available as natural stones or lab-grown creations. The shape has a timeless look that’s ideal for an engagement ring. Cushion cut diamonds are less expensive per carat than round diamonds. A cushion cut can be as much as 30% cheaper than a round diamond.


One of the primary differences between the cushion cut and the other 11 types is its shape. Unlike other diamond shapes, cushion diamonds tend to have a wider table than other shapes. This means that they tend to have lower sparkle than other shapes. This is due to the fact that the cushion cut is deeper and carries weight on the bottom of the stone.

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