Things You Should Know About Instagram Marketing

Instagram marketing is all about sharing photos or other content on the social media platform. It has gained immense popularity because it allows users to share their moments with the rest of the world while having a significant visual impact. 

The app works well for businesses, so more and more companies are using Instagram for marketing purposes. In addition, the user base of this platform includes more than 600 million registered users who are actively engaged on the platform with their family, friends, and interests.

Impact of Instagram Marketing

  • Instagram is a hot social media platform for brands to promote their products and increase their fan base. Why?
  • Instagram has 600 million active monthly users, making it the leader in the social media world.
  • As per the study by Simply Measured, Instagram marketing increases engagement rates up to 30%. Compared with Twitter (3%) and Facebook (1.8%).
  • With the number of images shared on social media doubling every year, Instagram has a massive potential to be one of your most effective marketing channels.
  • User demographics: 80% 16–24 years old 50% female / male split 20% 25–34 years old 60% female / male split
  • With over 80 million active monthly users, Instagram is the most extensive social media network for 16-24-year-olds.
  • While 60% of its audience are women, men are more likely to follow brands on Instagram than women (42%).
  • 30% of U.S small businesses use Instagram as part of their marketing strategy.

As per the above statistics, Instagram users are young and passionate about their smartphones. So, your target audience is practically in the palm of your hand.

Why Do You Need More Followers?

It will make you look popular. It will make your posts seem more interesting It will open the opportunity of being featured in real-life magazines and publications, or at least on Instagram’s “explore” feature.

It can help you meet important people interested in what you are doing. It makes pitching to companies easier. A lot easier. 

It will help your posts get more engagement. It will positively impact your sales – if you are selling. Give your engagement a boost and click here to learn about buy automatic Instagram likes. Engagement still affects how people view your brand or profile if you are not.

Get Thousands of Instagram Followers

It’s not easy to get followers on newly created Instagram followers. But since you need them to make your profile more trustworthy and famous, you need Followers in bulk numbers.

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The world is changing, and we tend to accept it without understanding what’s going on. Unfortunately, one of these changes happened in the business area as well. As a result, this branch found itself open to new ideas and concepts, such as influencer marketing and visual content.

With billions of people spending hours on Instagram daily, it’s essential to be present there if you want to attract potential customers and ultimately make profits.

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