Top 4 In-Demand Marketing Jobs Of 2022

Marketing is one of the most demanding and leading fields in the job market, and people very often do their best to get into this field and grow to become senior marketing specialists.  The specialists of these jobs are very much in demand nowadays and are being employed as a result of an effective recruitment process. There are a lot of specializations and jobs in this industry but there are some most demanded ones which are worth the attention of marketers to hire fresh professionals for their companies and also future marketers that seek for a job. 

So here are seven in-demand marketing jobs you may consider if you plan to enter this fast-growing industry.

  • SMM (Social Media Marketing) specialist

Any project in social media is provided by the SMM specialist. They are responsible for content, activities, and communities, but also for targeted advertisements. If you sell services online you will definitely need a good social media marketing specialist. 

SMM specialist’s responsibilities are:

  • elaborates promotion strategy;
  • writes a content plan;
  • organizes games, contests, and other activities;
  • creates content or generates technical specifications for other specialists;
  • shares posts and Stories;
  • resolves the results of promotion;
  • sometimes launches and optimizes targeted advertising.

On the one hand, an SMM specialist is a sought-after profession in the digital field. On the other hand, dozens of newly minted SMM specialists hatch every day at endless marathons and intensive courses. This causes certain difficulties. There are still not enough strong professionals; the market is not crowded. But developing from scratch in this market with a huge number of the same beginners can be difficult.

  • Content marketer

A content marketer is a specialist who provides a company with blog posts and articles with useful, relevant and appealing content: it can be goods, services, or general schemes. A content marketer is a relatively new job in digital marketing compared to a copywriter, designer, or developer.

However, now such specialists are in demand – many people recognize that useful content is necessary to attract customers. They also understand that content by itself can not give any result if it is not sharpened for business goals and not built into the company’s global marketing strategy.

  • SEO specialist

SEO specialist carries out internal and external optimization of the site. For the resource to rank well, an SEO specialist tidies up the internal structure and files, fills the pages with keywords, and also works on brand citation and mentions. These specialists may seem pricey for some companies, but funds like the European funding network can provide financial support to help you hire their services for your company. 

  • PR specialist 

Public relations professionals plan, develop, implement, and evaluate information and communication strategies that promote understanding and acceptance of commercial and other organizations, their products and services, and their role in society.

A PR specialist is responsible for all external communications with media representatives, partners and target audiences. They run different social media campaigns and manage all the information about the company on social media and press releases. 


We live in a world where everything has become digital, and this tendency is growing in geometrical progression. Digital marketing jobs are noticeable on the side of large international manufacturers, and every year the demand for them is growing. Some surveys insist that these professions will be much more in demand in 5 years’ time.   

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