Top 5 Pendants Every Young Woman Must Own

If you’re always looking for ways to attract peoples’ attention to your neckline, a pendant can just do the job. It not only helps gain attention but also makes it easy to switch looks.  Women who often visit their friends or loved ones after a hectic day at work can instantly get a fresh look by wearing a solitaire pendant or another simple charm pendant like pixiu that goes with their usual earrings or other accessories.

You can check here some of the latest solitaire pendant designs that you might want to have in your collection, or take a pick from our top five pendants list shared below that are evergreen, beautiful, and perfect for everyone.

  1. Crystal Pendant

Everyone wants to look their best by incorporating the latest jewellery trends in their everyday attire. But you wouldn’t want to look like every other woman around. To prevent this from happening, you can consider getting a crystal pendant that exudes a bevy of different colors. It can give striking effects whenever light meets the pendant for a stunning appearance. Crystal pendants are great for date nights as they accentuate your natural beauty like no other jewellery.

  1. Pearl Pendant

Nothing screams “luxury” and “class” better than pearl pendants. These pendants are subtle yet possess a high impact on people around. You can wear these to your office parties and on casual meetings with your loved ones. The best part of pearl pendants is their versatility. You can pair it with any piece of jewellery available, and it will look stellar. So if you’re someone who loves mixing and matching different jewellery pieces to create a fresh look, you will love pearl pendants.

  1. Teardrop Pendant

As the name suggests, these pendants have a teardrop shape, wherein the stone inside the pendant grabs the main focal point. The gemstone used in a teardrop pendant sets the tone for the entire piece, so picking one that matches your vibes is really important. The shape for these pendants remains the same, but the size and the gemstone inside can be changed. You can also find teardrop pendants that are more high-end, with small halo diamonds encrusted on the outer sides, accentuating the pendant’s entire look.

  1. Alphabet Pendant

If you love personalized jewellery, alphabet pendants are for you. The name is self-explanatory, so you’ll understand these pendants have the shapes of various alphabets. But they don’t look dull at all. Most of these pendants look beautiful and can be paired with formal and informal outfits. To enhance its appearance, wear alphabet pendants with diamond earrings. You can check out designs on this website to understand which designs look best with these pendants.

  1. Functional Pendant

What makes these pendants unique is their versatility. It looks like any other fashion pendant, but it actually is a functional piece or tool. Some examples of these pendants are Shepherd’s whistles, Maori Pounamu functional pendants, and the likes. For modern women, functional pendants can be really useful as jewellers have started incorporating things like flash drives and more.

You can buy any one or two pendants from the list above, so you never run out of gorgeous pendants to pair with your outfits at various events. All these pendants are evergreen, so you won’t regret purchasing them.

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