Visiting Disneyland? Learn How To Get The Best Prices Online for Tickets!

Disneyland is a beautiful place to take your family. You will find that you can make memories and experience a truly fantastic time with your loved ones. 

What most people don’t know, however, is that there are a variety of ways that you can save on tickets. Each option is easy to find, and you have helped people that can help you find the best deals possible. 

When you are ready to have a fantastic vacation try these tips to score incredible discounts and find the best prices online

Do You Want To See Everything? 

When you want to see the park, but you don’t want to see everything, you can choose the option to get a mid-day ticket. These are for later in the afternoon, so they are cheaper. If you have children, this might not be the best option, because they will want to see everything. However, if you are alone or with friends and only want to see the last show and go one or two of the rides, this will save you a lot of money. Most people find that if they wanted to do a few days but wanted to sleep in, this option would still be worth it even if you buy the mid-day tickets each day. 

Know Which Ticket Offers The Most Benefit 

If you are only going to the park for one day, a hopper pass will ultimately be more expensive, and you won’t have time to see everything. In particular, California Adventure and Disneyland both have areas that produce four-hour lines. If you want to see everything in one day, it simply isn’t possible. If that is the case, you should buy a one-day pass, because it will be more beneficial. 

Extend Your Stay, And You Will Find The Best Prices Online

The opposite is true if you want to extend your stay. Disneyland offers you a considerable discount if you stay longer. For instance, if you bought a one-day ticket to one park, it’s almost one hundred dollars. However, purchasing a three-day hopper pass is only two hundred. With that in mind, you get both parks and two extra days for free.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the longer your stay, the better the chance of seeing everything. If four days isn’t enough, they have seven and ten-day passes. You are paying for six and getting four for free for ten days. Doing these options ensures that you see all the rides, meet all of the characters, and see all shows.

Check Out Your ITT Office For The Best Prices Online

If you have a member in your family who is in the military, you will find that you can get one great deal on military tickets. Your local ITT office can be located at your nearest military base. You will find that these offices have many options for the tickets you can choose and the length of time you want to stay. A three-day hopper pass is a great option to take, and with a military service member in your family, you can get up to six tickets. Three days will let you see both parks and experience the best rides and the great shows. Be sure to take advantage of the fast passes so that you can get to the front of the line much sooner. If you have a family that has more than half a dozen members, then you need an extra military loved one. Each service member has to be there to get the tickets and be present at the park when you give the tickets to the holders. 

Another great option is that your ITT office will offer maps to the park, brochures, the best information about where to eat, meet the characters, and all of the free things you can get at the park. One example is buttons. If you have little ones or people wanting to experience this for the first time, they will love this. If you are celebrating a birthday for the first time in the park and things like that, you can get a free button for your child. Going to California Adventure? Check out Cars Land. The characters there give out controls too!

Another thing that you can let your family enjoy is stickers. If you ask politely, the staff members at the park will hand out stickers to your children! The best part of this is that it is usually a strip of four or five stickers per child. That would be a great way to avoid spending money and give your little ones a nice treat.

Have You Found Their Affiliate Sites?

Disneyland has affiliate sites that sell their tickets for them as well. However, you must be extremely careful here, as many claim, they represent Disney when they aren’t. When you find a genuine affiliate, though, you will see that you can enjoy up to seventy dollars in savings per ticket. It is a great option to take as they can also offer additional protection and add-ons that others can’t. When you use an affiliate site, you should keep in mind things. 

A genuine affiliate will have multiple payment options, confirmations of the tickets, and has proof that they are real. Never trust options that seem too good to be true, and ensure that you never meet in an area that has been considered safe or where you will be alone. In particular, don’t meet in an alley or parking garage. You will find that if it is a genuine affiliate of the park, you will have an abundance of proof. As a result, you save money and have the potential for a beautiful vacation. 

Have You Gone To The Store Lately?

If you haven’t, you should. Not just any store, though. It would be best if you went to Sam’s Club or Costco. These stores offer a travel section inside their customer service area. When you come into the store, head for this area first and notice a small space for travel. Each member of the staff can give you the best information on buying the tickets at lower prices. There is a catch, however. You can only purchase the tickets here as part of a package. The tickets also only go on sale a few times throughout the year, which means they sell out fairly quickly. If you want to benefit your family and get your tickets before they are gone, be sure to ask what time of year the tickets come out and show up early to ensure that you will get as many as you need.

Use Your Car To Your Advantage

If you have a car, the chances are high that you have either heard of or have an AARP membership. When you have one, you will see that, like the option above, you can buy the tickets throughout the year at a steep discount. When you want to find the best prices online, you will find that this can be a great helper. You save an excessive amount of money, and you can have a far better trip than if you didn’t have this option. 

Buy Your Tickets On Cheaper Days 

When you want to go to Disneyland, you will find that they offer cheaper tickets during certain times of the year to distribute crowds more evenly. That means you are potentially saving up to a thousand dollars on a single trip. The only thing you must do here is decide when you want to go. If you go during the cheapest dates, you can get the most affordable price for your family.

When you wonder when the best time to go is, you should come during the last three weeks in January or the first week of the following month or the end of August to the end of September. During this time, you find less wait for the rides, less crowding, and you can enjoy yourselves as much as you can. 

Have You Used Disney Gift Cards?

Superstores also sell Disney gift cards. These are sold at a discount, and if you go to places like Target, you see that you have a five percent discount when you purchase them with their red card. You can save up to two hundred dollars by doing this option and then paying for the tickets with the gift cards.

Experience A Vacation Like No Other

When you are ready to experience a great vacation, use these options to get yourself tickets at a price that can’t be beaten. These options are designed to give you the best options for being able to afford the vacation that you want for your family to have the best time. When you have ensured that you have the proper tickets, don’t forget to get your loved ones some of the freebies that the park offers either. Your little ones will love them! It would help if you utilized the tips we have given you for traveling on the cheapest days. You have the best prices, and no line waits. What could be better?

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