nProcure is a Gujarat government e-procurement portal  for making the tendering process easier for the government and businesses wishing to deal with the government. Let’s first understand what e-procurement is before moving to the nprocure portal. 

When an organisation goes online to source the products and resources it requires to function, the process is referred to as electronic procurement, or e-procurement. This procedure optimises every part of the purchase transaction and substitutes the traditional paper-based approach. Nowadays, many businesses rely on eProcurement software to help them conduct time-efficient and money-saving research, marketing, and procurement operations. It also goes by the name “Smart Business Buying.” 

E-procurement, in contrast to e-commerce, relies on a closed supplier system and is only accessible to the registered users. However, if you’re not registered yet, you can always go to the BidAssist web-portal where you will be able to get all the active Gujarat Tenders under various categories.  

What is nProcure Portal?

It is an e-procurement portal managed and processed by GNFC-Government of Gujarat. It allows listing of various government service and product related tenders and bidding opportunities in a one-stop-shop format to make it easier for the businesses to bid for particular opportunities of their interest. Various Gujarat Government Departments publish their requirements on this portal in the form of bids and tenders. 

This makes it possible for various sellers or businesses that wish to participate in the tendering process with a government agreement to search and find if the listings are appropriate for them or not. If they find the right tendering opportunities, they can place their bids but firstly, they would have to complete the registration requirement on the portal itself. 

Various government entities are registered on the portal, like PGVCL, UGVCL, MGVCL and GETCO amongst others. Municipal corporations, Water board departments, Road and Building departments are some of the few important government bodies that release their tenders on this platform to invite proposals for their projects and development related work. Even supplying processes and purchases are done through this portal. E-auction is also an important feature of this portal.



Businesses go to a particular website, an online catalogue, or a B2B vendor website. They now have access to the supplier’s whole offer, including information on the terms of the deal, such as prices, the items chosen, etc. They make their necessary product selections and submit their purchase request. Following the approval procedure, this request is subsequently entered into their procurement system.


The purchase request turns into an order once the products have been authorised. It is instantly transmitted as an electronic document to the provider. The provider then starts the delivery process.


The invoice is then delivered to the business as a PDF file or electronic document after being certified by a reliable third party. Through the use of a centralized platform, numerous entities are linked in this process. E-procurement is a tool used by manufacturers to make buying direct items for the production process easier. E-procurement is used by the public and government sectors to streamline the Request for Quote (RFQ) procedure.


E-sourcing is the first stage of electronic procurement, which includes requirement specification and screening prospective providers.

E-tendering: Concurrent with review, this process entails asking the selected suppliers for information, proposals, and quotes.

E-auctioning: As part of the assessment and contracting process, the parties negotiate the price and other parameters.

Creating and approving requisitions, making orders, and receiving the ordered products are all included in electronic ordering and payment.


  1. Faster Purchase Cycle: E-procurement enables companies to more efficiently manage expenditures, budgets for purchases, and incoming deliveries. It offers dashboards that continuously monitor key variables.
  2. Potential savings: Digitalisation speeds up operations, eliminates thoughtless mistakes, and eliminates a variety of manual tasks. It may save processing expenses in an organisation by up to 70% on its own.
  3. Greater Warehouse Managing: Because purchasing specialists are constrained in the acquisitions they may make and can quickly discover goods from favoured vendors, stock is better managed.
  4. Visibility and Lower Fraud Risk: The purchasers can negotiate better costs since they can direct purchases to certain suppliers. Accountability and openness have increased. Information is disseminated to the appropriate parties.

Nprocurement, in a nutshell, refers to all online purchasing and selling by businesses and government departments in Govt. of Gujarat. NProcure offers several advantages to enterprises, their vendors, and the supplier partnership. It lowers the cost per transaction while simplifying the application and payments processes. It is crucial that eProcurement systems and the buyer’s purchasing process operate together since the organisation has many moving components. To save time and money, they must provide the proper authorization administration, correct stock, invoicing, and high-quality product information.

Every now and then, the Gujarat government posts all of its tenders to the NPROCURE tender website. BidAssist, one of the websites working in the same field, can assist you in finding all the active nProcure tenders, applying to these tenders, writing Bids and more at their website. If you sign up for their newsletter and follow the tenders, you may receive frequent updates on upcoming bids from BidAssist, which will aid in bettering your chances of winning a bid and upping your business. 

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