Your Guide to Convincing YouTube Subscribers to Join Your Paid Membership Tier

Every now and then, YouTube has come out with new features to help creators on the platform. creators using the channel. One of the most recent features can be that of the YouTube Channel membership feature. In the early months of 2018, the service for sharing videos launched it would be launching the YouTube Channel membership feature that allowed content creators to interact with their followers more effectively. 

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Through channel memberships users will have access to exclusive content by the creators. Prior to YouTube memberships existed, the platform provided the “Sponsorship” feature to the creators and viewers were offered the option to become a sponsor for a channel, at an annual fee of $4.99. At first, this option was available only to some creators However, since the introduction the feature of YouTube membership, everyone creators were able to reap the benefits.

If you’re curious about learning everything you can about YouTube Memberships and YouTube Memberships, then you’ve come to the right spot. In this article, we’ll examine this feature and discuss how you can convince your subscribers to sign up for the membership.

What is YouTube subscriptions to channels?

Channel memberships are basically the cost of a subscription to the YouTube channel. You give those who are your loyal followers access to special content and other benefits with a the channel membership. All they need to pay is an annual fee that supports your work as an content creator. YouTube Membership basically provides YouTubers with financial support to create videos content in full-time. Members also get many advantages through online chats with live support, special emojis or members-only posts.

YouTube channel membership differs when it comes to subscribing to channels. The subscription to a channel adds new videos uploaded by YouTube’s content creator in the feed of the user. It’s like the way you follow a page on Instagram as well as Twitter. If a channel provides the option to join This refers to the option of joining the channel.

Perks to be offered along with YouTube membership to channels

If your followers sign up to your channel You can offer them with a variety of advantages or rewards. It’s all about the kind of benefits you intend to provide. The most common benefits that members receive are

  1. Exclusive posts You may give your fans exclusive posts within your Community section of the feed. These posts will provide insights into your personal life or provide distinctive content only available to paying members.
  2. Loyalty Badge: You could offer your followers with the badge which will be displayed when they leave an email or participate in live chats. These badges can help your faithful followers make a statement in the crowd. They can also be an effective opportunity to promote your channel.
  3. Emojis: You could provide your subscribers with exclusive emojis that could be utilized on YouTube. They typically have distinctive images and may contain specific words or subjects only available only to you followers.
  4. Live Chat: Premium members also have an exclusive live chat. This is a fantastic opportunity to build communities within the community.
  5. Live streams: You are able to create live streams only for subscribers who pay. This can also motivate others subscribers to join your account.
  6. Bonus content The most valuable reward you can offer your subscribers is bonuses content. The exclusivity aspect of this benefit can help to promote the channel’s membership.

Which YouTube channels are eligible for Membership option?

YouTube Channel Membership is a limited feature. YouTube Channel Membership option is available only to the creators with a certain condition. YouTube must be participant in the YouTube Partner Program and have at minimum 1000 subscribers to be qualified to use this feature. It is also essential that your channel is free of policy strikes. The policy strikes are granted to channels which post inappropriate content that violates copyright laws or are involved in online bullying and harassment. If your video was removed from the market recently, you’ll not be able avail from the subscription option. YouTube membership is accessible in certain areas. It’s an option that means the creators who wish to make available the membership option must activate it by hand.

What is the function of this feature?

With YouTube channels, subscribers are given a possibility to choose between different membership levels. The higher tiers are offered with a higher cost and are created to offer greater benefits. YouTube lets you determine the price for the different tiers, which range from $1 and $49.99. Although this feature is utilized for free YouTube does charge 30 percent of any profits that you earn through subscription fees to the channel. This can be explained through an illustration. If your channel has 100 members, and your cost for membership is $4.00 You will make 500 dollars in revenue. With this sum you’ll receive approximately $350, while the remainder of the $150 will be donated towards the website.

How can you maximize the value of YouTube subscriptions to channels

It is the YouTube Membership feature on YouTube is an excellent method to earn revenue and increase your earnings from the platform. It’s been proven to be the case that YouTube members have helped creators to make four times more revenue than they earned prior to. With an understanding of this function, it’s crucial to find ways to get your followers to join YouTube channel membership.

If you’re planning to introduce the option of channel membership Some tips will aid in getting more people to sign-up to the paid channel membership.

  1. Plan ahead before launching the membership to subscribers It is essential to plan everything prior to introducing the option of membership on your subscribers. It is essential to establish a clear plan for introduction videos, Emojis and other benefits. If you’ve got a clear strategy, you’ll be able to implement it with greater efficiency and ultimately assist you get more members.
  2. Include the membership option in your description, your end screens, and even your cards You can also add the URL for your membership to your descriptions of your videos, the end screens, and even cards as well. This could serve as a powerful reminder to your followers to sign up for the paid YouTube subscription to your channel.
  3. Find a cost-effective pricing strategy: The price points must be acceptable for people. While a low pricing strategy can draw in more customers and higher prices in the higher levels can help provide a five-star experience for those who are superfans. The price should be fair enough to entice members to join the time to sign up for your channel.
  4. Make a great announcement video The announcement video to promote your channel membership needs to effectively communicate the news to your subscribers. It is possible to include the title of the benefits you’ll be offering within the announcement video. It will help make them aware by introducing the video that the video will not hinder your existing content.
  5. Name your members: To advertise your channel’s membership, it is possible that you can offer a shout-out to your subscribers in your videos on a regular basis. To do this, you could give them the name of your channel in some way.

Things to be aware of

1. The right mental attitude is crucial.

If you are planning to introduce the option of channel membership You must understand the procedure. Membership isn’t something you’re selling to your customers. It is more beneficial to think of it as an opportunity to allow both you and your followers to communicate with one another at a deeper level. It will also enable the followers to demonstrate their appreciation for your efforts. A positive mindset can aid you in devising a more effective method of promoting membership levels to subscribers.

2. Be sure not to alienate non-members.

When you are rolling out exclusive content it is important to not cover up the content that you provide to your subscribers under normal circumstances. Instead of excluding subscribers of your content you should think of ways to provide your subscribers with additional ‘nice-to-have’ content.

3. Provide valuable perks

It is vital to give your members important perks, especially on the upper levels. It’s not necessary to cost you anything. Consider it as giving them with content that is worth the price.

4. Create a system that makes the perks scalable, and ongoing

As you begin to receive more sign-ups, it’s crucial to think about whether the benefits you provide to your subscribers are adaptable. To test this, you could try out certain additional benefits to see whether they are scalable or not. The rewards should be so that they offer benefit to members.


It is true that the YouTube channel membership feature is great. But it is a requirement for consistency and quality from the creator. By following the suggestions in this useful guide you will be able to advertise the option of channel membership in your subscribers more efficiently. It is important to offer relevant content that is relevant to the needs of your followers. The YouTube service will not just increase your profits, but also aid to increase your visibility through the platform. If you’re looking for new ways to grow your base of subscribers on YouTube, take a look at the top YouTube services offered by SubPals, YTpals, and many more.

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