A Guide To Simplifying Your Address

Your phone beeps, and your food delivery app notifies ‘Your order is out for delivery’. As you wait in anticipation for your meal, the popup says almost at your location And  the delivery partner contacts you repeatedly to locate your exact address. It Feels awful, right?

Now imagine another scenario where you have to get somewhere urgently,  your vehicle has somehow stopped working, and you must now rely on booking a cab. The app shows that your taxi is a minute away, but you look for it, and it’s nowhere to be found. The cab driver calls you consistently to understand where you are but can’t seem to locate you. You guys then agree to meet at a landmark defeating the whole purpose of calling a cab in the first place, because the last I heard, the taxi comes to you and not the other way round, right? The frustration you feel in such a situation must indeed be unparalleled.

What if I told you that there’s a way around this problem and how when getting your food delivered, you will never have to face this problem again or that the cab will definitely come to you without any hassle explaining your address repeatedly?

Addresses Made Simpler

Here is where we welcome Pataa, bringing you a world of code-based addresses that make your address short,  sweet, and incredibly easy to understand and locate. Pataa makes the entire process of sharing and understanding addresses easier.

Pataa has introduced the concept of digital address code ,  which contains  code based addresses based on location intelligence. This means that when you enter your full address in detail on the app, it replaces your long and complex address with a address short code , namely a digital address code based on a 3*3 m block of your location. Which massively simplifies your address and makes it easy to share. This digital address code is also effortless to create. For example, you type in your exact address and select a unique address short code like ‘^KUMAR100’. That’s it and your Pataa code is now ready.

This might seem like so much effort, but in reality, creating your Pataa is very simple and can be done inmoments. In addition, You can have your unique shortcode for any of your addresses – home, office, college, etc.

With the evolution of Digital Addressing, simplifying your long and complex address has become incredibly easy. Now that you know about this revolutionary change that Pataa can bring to your lives. Here’s how you can create your own Pataa and simplify your address.

How To Create Your Pataa?

Your long address is converted into a ‘unique shortcode’ in Pataa. So you only have to do ‘Drop Pin’ at your home’s doorstep, office, etc. on the app, enabling anyone to reach you with ease once your Pataa is shared. The next step is to type the exact address and assign it a unique  address short code like ^JAINS53, ^KUMAR100, ^SINGH221. So now you have a smart digital address that you can easily share.

Your address is now simplified beyond imagination ; all you need to do is share to experience the benefits of this technological advancement that is Pataa!

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