All that you need to know about the Fogging Machine

A fog machine is currently a well-renowned method of sanitizing surfaces in Kenya. The device works very effectively on various tough and soft surfaces within the kitchen. Moreover, the fog appliance cleans tough exteriors such as food preparation zones and storerooms. Fogging machines are effective in the sanitization of business premises.

The article will inform you about important aspects of the fog device.

The fogging equipment, also called the fogger, is a multipurpose apparatus that functions with a nosegay to smear a biochemical solution for the prevention of pests, restrain the growth of fungus, and avert lousy scent.

The Fog equipment operates effectively in conservatories, orchards, and other moist zones. Fogging appliances fumigate internal premises and out-of-doors. This factor makes them multipurpose and a perfect choice for industries targeting to keep bacteria and other microorganisms away from business properties.

How does a Fog Machine Work?

The fog appliance is quite flexible and is carried easily by a single person into every corner and crevice of the fumigated zone. The machine functions with valve-controlled force to eject fine directed mist of anti-bacterial and fumigating substances to a variety of tough exteriors or permeable textiles.

The fumigating substances control disease and fight bad smells. The fogging equipment works well with an anti-virus-related sterilizer, which destroys a massive variety of pathogenic bugs. The fogging machine price in Kenya is quite reasonable.

Types of Fog Machines

There are other types of fog equipment apart from the fumigation apparatus. There is fogging equipment in the entertainment industry, which includes low and high fogger apparatuses. The common fog appliance produces thick low-lying fog that droops close to the ground. High fog appliances function out-of-doors as they make more fog.

Low fog machines are more prevalent and have sub-brands such as dry ice or liquid-founded. The dry ice fog appliance works by freezing a canister of gas and forcing it into the atmosphere. The air fills the apartment with thick and ever-changing fine fog. The dry ice works with ice-covered carbon dioxide and mixes it with warm liquid. The dry ice generates a wide, low–lying mist that covers the air.

Advantages of Dry Fog Appliances.

  1. The dry fog appliances are easy to handle and safe.
  2. The dry fogger has a long life span and needs minimal – maintenance. It is stored for several weeks without any preservers.

Disadvantages of a Dry- ice Fog Machine

  1. Although dry-ice equipment has a long life cycle, it losses capacity over time and does not make dense mist.
  2. Dry –ice causes bad frost bites if it is not stored in shallow temperatures.


Are you planning to thoroughly clean surfaces for your home or business premises? To avert the risk of the spread of viruses among household members, employees, and clients, the fogging equipment from reliable suppliers is a perfect choice for you. The fogging apparatus for entertainment also comes in handy if you are looking out for fun.

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