Comprehensive Preparation Guide for Microsoft AZ-500: Microsoft Azure Security Technologies Certification Exam (Practice Tests Are Here!)

Ensuring that the prep resources are sufficiently protected while still being available to the users is an ongoing IT challenge. If you’re looking to protect data, provide role-based access, and manage identities across the Azure ecosystem, then the AZ-900 : Microsoft Azure Security Technologies exam is for you. By taking this test, you will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Security Engineer Associate certification, which demonstrates your commitment to the role of a Security Engineer. In this post, we will discuss the specifics of this test and how you can prepare for it in the most efficient way.

What Are the Prerequisites for Taking the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam?

The Microsoft MS-101 exam is intended for those professionals who possess subject-matter expertise in managing identity and access, implementing security controls and threat protection, as well as protecting applications, networks, and data within the hybrid and Cloud environments in the framework of an end-to-end infrastructure. Moreover, the applicants need to be aware of scripting and automation and have a good comprehension of virtualization and networking. Apart from that, the target candidates need to have a profound understanding of Azure products and services, as well as alternative Microsoft products and services.

What Are the Details of the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam?

Before starting studying, you must know very well what this certification exam is about. The Microsoft AZ-500 : Microsoft Azure Security Technologies consists of 40-60 questions and has the duration of 3 hours. The vendor doesn’t reveal the formats of questions that will appear in the test. However, based on the experience of the previous examinees, the questions in Microsoft AZ-500 are of the multiple-choice and multiple-select types. To succeed in this test, you need to achieve the passing score of 700 points or higher on a scale of 1-1000. The certification exam is given to the candidates in the English, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, or Korean languages. You can register for it on the official webpage after paying $165.

How Can You Prepare for the Microsoft AZ-500 Exam?

There are many ways to get ready for the Microsoft MS-700 test.  To save your time, we have elaborated this step-by-step study guide to follow during your preparation process. See the milestones of preparation for this certification exam below:

Step 1: Always Begin with the Official Website

Once you have made up your mind to start the AZ-500 exam preparation, your first need to visit the official webpage. You will find there all the necessary details of the test, such as eligibility criteria, pricing, and objectives.

Step 2: Gain Detailed Knowledge of Exam Objectives

The most important aspect of preparing for the Microsoft AZ-500 exam is an in-depth understanding of the domains covered in it. You can download a detailed list of skills measured in the certification test from the official platform.

Step 3: Enroll for the Training Course

The value of choosing the relevant online training course is evident in the Microsoft AZ-500 exam preparation. You can opt for the official instructor-led option or choose another reputable course provider.

Step 4: Explore Microsoft AZ-500 Whitepapers and Books

Whitepapers can significantly assist in learning all the exam topics thoroughly. You can also use the recommended books on Azure Security available on Amazon and Microsoft Press Store.

Step 5. Check Your Knowledge with Practice Tests

Your preparation must be followed by taking a set of practice tests to check your level of readiness and hone your skills. After you are done with this tool, you are ready to register for the Azure Fundamentals exam!


There is no barrier holding you back from starting your preparation for the Microsoft AZ-500 certification exam right away! Make sure that you have allocated ample time for studying and are ready to stick to all the stages mentioned above.

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