Coping With Kidney Disease

When you get to know that your kidneys are not working well and you need to get dialysis done, it can be an overwhelming situation. If your loved one is diagnosed with it, you need to take extra care of them. Not just physically but mentally and emotionally too.

 Living with kidney failure and getting dialysis done routinely is not easy. Always be hopeful and focus on the positive side. If you feel depressed and can not cope with the change in your life, you can consult with a therapist. They can help you with emotional well-being. 

Along with emotional well-being, take care of your health in various other ways. For that, you need to visit the healthcare provider time and again. To get an expert opinion, you can consult with the Best Nephrologist in Karachi.



To cope alone with kidney disease is not easy. You must tell your friends and family about your health so that they can extend a helping hand.

If someone in your friends or family is diagnosed with kidney disease, you must take care of them in all possible ways. It can be emotional, mental, physical, and financial support. 

You might not be able to feel the pain they are going through. Be empathetic and kind towards them. Help them focus on the positive side of life. 

Moreover, help manage their dialysis schedule. It is not easy to go to dialysis alone. Therefore be with them, and extend a helping hand.

Get The Right Information


Getting the right information is essential. Many times we think so negatively and focus on negativity and can not see the silver lining in the cloud. At that time, you must get the right information. Ask your healthcare provider about all the queries you have. 

Having Other Activities


You might need to go twice, thrice, or four times a week for dialysis. In all that, it may seem that your life is just revolving around going to the hospital and back home. In all that, you may not be able to continue your day-to-day activities and hobbies.

With dialysis, your routine may become tough, and doing something else may become tougher. But for your mental health, take some time out of your hectic schedule and follow your hobbies. 

You can do painting, artwork, reading, writing, or knitting. Your healthcare providers might not allow you to do intense physical activity. Therefore you can do things that do not require ample physical energy. However, keeping yourself busy in such activities can help you cope with life after kidney disease. 

Stress Management 


Living with dialysis and kidney failure can be highly stressful for you. It is not your fault. Therefore be kind towards yourself. 

Some people blame themselves for their health. If you are unable to cope with the stress and anxiety, you can seek professional help. You are not alone. And there is nothing bad in consulting with the therapist. They can help you cope with the extreme changes that have occurred due to your health. 

Take Control


Since kidney disease is a lifelong condition and for dialysis, you need to visit the hospital frequently. It might seem that a hospital is your second home. Many patients tend to become frustrated and give up. Instead of it, take control of your feelings and be aware of the changes in your treatment. Be vigilant about what the doctor says and follow their advice. 

The Bottom Line 


Living with kidney disease can be stressful. But this is not the end. With dialysis, you can survive. Therefore make sure you follow its schedule and do not miss any dialysis sitting, no matter the circumstances. 

You are not alone living with kidney disease. There are millions of other people going through the same condition. If you have kidney disease, make sure you attend all the follow-up visits with your healthcare provider. To get an expert opinion, you can consult the Best Nephrologist in Islamabad.

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