First aid at work: why is it so important?

Risks are everywhere. Even in the workplace. This is even more true if the work is carried out in a risky environment. To deal with any eventuality, it is advisable to be trained in first aid gestures . Why is first aid so important in the workplace? Here is a beginning of an answer to this question.

How to learn to help?

You can learn how to rescue through training programs initiated by firefighters. The most accessible is the PCS1 (prevention and civic relief level 1). This is a course open to everyone from the age of 10. The training lasts only 7 hours. You will learn simple gestures such as calling for help, protecting a victim, how to give mouth-to-mouth or even how to give heart massage .

How do you get your first aid certificate?

A first aid diploma is issued after the PCS 1 training. The training is paid for. The PCS 1 makes it possible to initiate civilians in the gestures that save people who are victims of illness or accident. You can approach the fire stations to find out if they organize training sessions. The delegations of the red cross are also authorized to issue the first aid diploma.

How do I get my business first aid training?

In the context of a company, the employer can require training in first aid if he considers it necessary. In this case, the chosen employees will pass a first aid certificate called the CSST. It should be noted that this certification is not equivalent to PCS 1 insofar as the training program includes a specific risk component.

What are the benefits of first aid in the workplace for employers?

At first glance, first aid training is more about employees than employers. Nevertheless, the latter benefit from a staff trained in first aid. Here are the main benefits of first aid training for the employer:

Reduce the risk of work accidents

First aid training helps employees become more aware of hazards in their work environment. This has directly led to a significant drop in the number of workplace injuries and accidents. A safer work environment directly impacts all areas of the business.

A more positive work environment

A safer work environment impacts employee productivity. Whoever said improved productivity meant improved business performance. This is not necessarily true in a traditional work environment. However, in high-risk environments (construction sites, factories, etc.), this can change a lot of employees’ minds.

What are the benefits of first aid in business for employees?

Here are the main benefits of first aid in business for employees:

A safer workplace

Employees are the first to receive first aid training. They benefit from the fact that their colleagues are qualified in the event of a problem.

Useful training in everyday life

Learning to rescue is just as useful outside of work. Learning lifesaving gestures can save the life of a loved one at home or a stranger on the street. First aid training is even more important when you live with someone who has health problems.

First aid training for employees: what does the law say?

According to French law, in the event of an accident at work, the employer has the obligation to provide first aid. The terms of the intervention vary according to the risks present in the company. Moreover, the Labor Code obliges employees to undergo first aid training. Nevertheless, this obligation affects companies where there is a high risk of accidents. It is up to the employer to choose the training methods.

The number of employees trained in first aid is not defined by law. It depends above all on the company’s workforce and the risks associated with its sector of activity.

In the category of activities deemed dangerous for the employee, we find work in a workshop, construction, work in a factory, work in a chemical waste treatment center, etc.

What equipment for first aid care in a company?

Based on the results of a risk study, the employer decides on the equipment needed to provide any first aid. Basically, first aid equipment varies by company. This is done in collaboration with the occupational physician. They also decide on the organization of first aid.

If the contents of the din 13164 first aid kit can vary according to the companies, we find at least in most of the disposable gloves, compresses, disinfectants, dressings, pliers, scissors, and an insulating blanket. It should be emphasized that a first aid kit should not contain medication. The rescuer is not trained for this. The first aid kit must be located in a fixed place.

Why should medical assistants learn to heal wounds?

Although most facilities employ nurses and other medical professionals, it can be very beneficial for physician assistants to learn wound care skills as permitted by state law. This is because nurses are not always available in smaller or even larger facilities like hospitals.

Although surface-level wound care is not always a job requirement for MAs, it is a valuable skill that can lead to greater opportunities. Therefore, it would be beneficial for MAs or aspiring medical assistants to undergo the appropriate training. Once they are ready to perform certain wound care duties, an MA could become more indispensable to their employer and eventually acquire greater responsibilities.

Start your career in medical assisting

The ability to administer wound care at the surface level is an important skill that aspiring medical assistants should acquire for their careers. It is also an essential medical practice for the recovery process.

Think about it: wound care promotes healing, helps prevent infection and reduces scarring. Once a wound is properly diagnosed and all elements considered, the best treatment options can be determined for each patient.

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