Hair Tattoo Before and After Guideline and Comparison

Hair tattoo, also known as scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a non-surgical procedure of implanting tiny pigments on the scalp. The implanted pigments mimic the original hair follicles to render a denser hair appearance. So, what happens with the hair tattoo before and after? How is the ideal person to undergo the treatment? Are there risks associated with the procedure? Find answers to all these questions in the following section of this article.

Are Hair Tattooing and Scalp Micropigmentation the Same?

Scalp micropigmentation refers to a procedure of implanting micro pigments on a person’s scalp. The pigments look similar to the original hair follicles. As a result, implanting these pigments on the bald scalp area can make the hair appear denser.

Scalp micropigmentation is often informally termed a hair tattoo. In some cases, people also call it a hairline tattoo since SMP can hide a receding hairline with pigment implantation on the receding hairline areas.

Before Undergoing a Hair Tattoo

Anyone can undergo a hair tattoo, irrespective of age and other physical conditions since the procedure is non-invasive. Typically, the treatment is recommended for people with the following hair conditions.

  • Alopecia Victims: Alopecia is an immunity disorder, which leads to rapid hair loss in a short span. You can contact a physician for the treatment. However, it is not possible to gain back the hair you have lost due to the disorder with any medications. Therefore, people suffering from alopecia can undergo the SMP procedure to hide patchy baldness due to alopecia.
  • Premature Aging and Hair Loss: Premature aging is a common thing nowadays since people undergo a complex lifestyle. Improper dietary habits further contribute to premature aging, resulting in rapid hair loss after 30-35 years of age. People experiencing baldness and low hair density due to premature aging can undergo the hair tattoo procedure.
  • Pattern Baldness: Pattern baldness is a common type of baldness among men and women. In pattern baldness, people start losing hair from their hairline. Gradually, hair density will decrease due to pattern baldness. Undergoing the hair tattoo is the best way of dealing with pattern baldness embarrassment. The treatment makes your hair appear fuller and denser.
  • Scalp Scars: Are you looking for a quick and non-surgical solution to get rid of scalp scars? The scalp micropigmentation near me could be the best solution for you. Implanting the tiny pigments on the scars will hide them meticulously, making your scalp appear fuller. Hair implant treatment often leaves scalp scars, which can be hidden by undergoing SMP treatment.
  • Post-Pregnancy Hair Tattoo: You will find hair loss postpartum is a common problem among women. During pregnancy, the body undergoes various hormonal changes. As a result, it affects the body after pregnancy. Hormonal changes are the reasons behind rapid hair loss for many women. You can reduce hair loss through various treatments, though hair regeneration can be difficult. Hair tattoo is recommended to women to make their hair appear denser through the tiny pigment implantation on the scalp.

Before the SMP, you need to consult an expert to discuss your expectations and customize the treatment according to your facial structure.

After the Hair Tattoo Treatment

You need to follow a few basic guidelines after undergoing the hair tattoo treatment. The SMP expert will render all the guidelines that you need to follow. Typically, you need to visit the clinic for two to three sessions to complete the procedure.

Since it is a non-surgical hair restoration procedure, you should not worry about an exhausting recovery process. In most cases, the experts advise avoiding direct sunlight exposure, as UV rays can damage the pigments. Nevertheless, using regular shampoo can also lead to pigment fading. So, you should not use shampoo for at least one to two weeks after the treatment.


Comparing hair tattoo before and after will help you understand the usefulness of SMP. The treatment does not have fatal side effects since it is non-surgical. On the other hand, it is affordable to everyone. All these reasons make the hair tattoo one of the best hair restoration treatments.

Your hair can instantly look more dense with the treatment. So, find an expert for scalp micropigmentation in Atlanta and improve your scalp appearance to boost your self-confidence. Before choosing an SMP expert, you must check the “before and after portfolio” to understand the expertise of the service provider. 

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