Rattan Wall Mirror Collection From The Styling Republic

The Rattan wall mirror has become a popular trend and is often searched for in stores and on the internet. Additionally, rattan materials are commonly used in furniture like chairs, tables, and pendants in different shapes and sizes. The Styling Republic showcases a large variety of rattan furniture. With unique and stylish designs, it is easy to see why they are the preferred supplier in designer homes.

Interior designers and home renovators are joining the trend towards rattan furniture, with wall mirrors being a simple yet elegant choice when styling homes. So if you are looking for a stylish mirror to place in your living room, a rattan coffee table for your entertaining area, or rattan stools for your kitchen bench, then The Styling Republic should be your first visit.

Brief about The Styling Republic

The Styling Republic laid its foundation in 2019. This all became possible with Mel Medley’s dedication, hard work, and passion for interior design. Her knowledge and experience have seen her create stunning rattan furniture designs, which are showcased in interior design magazines and display homes and included in many high-end furniture packages offered by interior designers.

Under Mel’s guidance, The Styling Republic has formed valuable connections with global craftsmen and artists to bring astonishing rattan furniture designs to the Australian public. These designs are showcased on The Styling Republic website and are available to order online now.

Why Choose The Styling Republic

Mel is a brilliant designer and her passion shows through in her unique designs. At The Styling Republic, you won’t find pieces made by the thousands and shipped to stores worldwide. Instead, their products are designed to meet a gap in the rattan furniture market, and their stock demand is high. In addition, interior designers consistently use products from The Styling Republic when styling high-end properties, so you know that the quality, bespoke designs, and modern style are on-point.

For more information, speak to the team at The Styling Republic or visit their website to see the designs for yourself, for more blogs search on blogclus

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