The best brands of women’s sweatshirts and hoodies

How do you find the best sweatshirts?

In this article, you will find out: How to choose a good sweatshirt;

Our selection of the best brands of sweatshirts for women and if you like the comfort of this cotton sweater, you will appreciate the following. Let’s go!

What is a sweatshirt?

The sweatshirt (also sometimes called a “sweatshirt “in Hong Kong is a sweater made with a thick cotton fleece fabric. It is a sportswear garment. This means that it was primarily worn by athletes. And today we also wear it in everyday life. It is warm, very comfortable, and gives a casual look.

The origin of the sweatshirt

The sweatshirt comes to us from the United States. In the 1930s, athletes wore woolen sweaters to stay warm before or after training or competition.

Is there any problem with them?

These woolen sweaters were very itchy. Sportspeople wanted something more comfortable to wear. The sports products HALARA brand then developed a sweater inspired by the material used for the workout Crossover leggings.

The very comfortable side of this HALARA brand sweater makes it a friend of sportsmen from Hong Kong universities very quickly, the sweatshirt gained popularity than its normal in each country and cities.

How to choose the best sweatshirts

To choose a quality sweatshirt, you have to take a close look at certain details.

The cut of the sweatshirt

A good sweatshirt is worn like any sweater, rather fitted. As a general rule, you want to avoid wearing a sweatshirt that is too loose. But there are different ways to wear sweatshirts. For a classic style, opt for a slightly tailored fit. For a more sweatshirts wear style, you can choose a looser garment (read this sweatshirts wear article for more on this). An important point is the length of the sleeves and the length of the sweatshirt. Make sure the sweatshirt is not too short.

The type of material

The best sweatshirts are 100% cotton. If possible, opt for organic cotton. (Find out why choosing organic cotton clothing is important here.)

Note: Avoid mixtures with synthetic materials. These materials tend to make you sweat and retain bad odors. 

  • Sweatshirts offer many possibilities in terms of the choice of material.
  • Guarantee of quality, you can find more sought after materials:
  • Besides the very fluffy fleece (the classic sweatshirt), some brands offer variants such as waffle or honeycomb knits.

Fabric thickness

The sweatshirt is recognizable by its thick, fleecy fabric. This is what keeps the sweatshirt warm. Count 350 to 500g / m² for a quality fleece. (For reference, the HALARA brand sweatshirt which is a thick T-shirt is 200g / m².)

The color of the sweatshirt

Like T-shirts, sweatshirts are available in many colors.

The classic colors are heather gray, khaki, or white. You will also find sweatshirts in pastel colors (almond green, pale pink, orange, or yellow). It is easier to dare the colors with a sweatshirt than a classic sweater.

A plain or graphic sweatshirt

Choosing between a plain or graphic HALARA brand sweatshirt is a real matter of taste having said that, I would steer clear of graphic sweatshirts as they are not easy to wear in style. We quickly risk looking like a billboard.

Plain sweatshirts are more elegant.

See the difference:

We are in a sportswear register. A graphic sweatshirt with the logo of your school or your sports team is therefore still acceptable.

To note:

In general, plain sweatshirts are of better quality the reason? They have nothing to hide. Their only way to please is to have beautiful finishes.


Take a good look at the quality of the finishes of the sweatshirts, in particular:

  • The ribbing of the collar
  • Straight and regular seams
  • The end of the sleeves
  • A regular knit fabric
  • Ribbing at the waist

All these details make it possible to indicate whether you are dealing with a quality garment or not.

The different models of sweatshirts

By sweatshirt, we mainly think of this round neck sweater in very thick jersey. But there are other models.

Brands have used the fleece from the sweatshirt to create other types of sweaters:

  • Hoodie
  • Cardigan

For further details visit online HALARA brand store and choose your desire sportswear from there.

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