The Different Types of Vulcanizing Machines in the Market

A vulcanizing machine consists of two flat heavy metals on different sides of a prepared joint clamped firmly together. The platens are then heated, and this combination of heat and pressure in time completes the joint. The machine is applicable in tire industries. However, there are different types of vulcanizing machines in the market, which we will discuss in this article.

Vulcanizing devices are primarily applicable in the tire industry. However, we should not forget that there are different types of tires, from truck tires to motorcycle tires. Knowing this, you don’t expect the vulcanizing machines to be exact. These machines are designed according to the specific function they are to carry out.

When you are in the market for a vulcanizing machine, you will want a machine that perfectly fits your needs. This article will discuss the various types of these devices, outlining some of their main features.

Vulcanizing Machine for Rubber Press Plates

The material to be vulcanized is positioned inside the casting mould and clamped in between electrically heated platens, which apply pressure and high temperatures, making material shaping and testing the foundation of mass production.


  • It has a high-performance hydraulic system with an automatic pressure compensation function.
  • Adjustable molding time.
  • A PLC control system
  • Automated system to increase and release the pressure when reaching the set time.
  • It has an electric heating system that makes the control of temperature effective.

Machine for Hydrostatic Plain Plate Rubber Vulcanizing

The vulcanized material is put inside the casting mould and clamped in between electrically heated platens, which apply high pressure and high temperatures while shaping and serving as the foundation for increased production.


  • PLC control system
  • Adjustable moulding time
  • Automated system to increase and release pressure when the set time reaches.
  • High-performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function.
  • High wear resistant guide posts to support strong load force and stable lifting.

Belt Curing Press for Rubber and Plastic Hot Plate Vulcanizing

The vulcanizing machine price in Kenya highly depends on the quality and various mechanisms of the machine. For example, the belt curing machine has a touch screen feature which makes it pricey compared to the other devices.


  • Adjustable moulding time
  • PLC control system
  • High-performance hydraulic system with automatic pressure compensation function.
  • High-precision guide posts

How do you operate this machine? Put the raw materials into the cast die and clamp the die between the heating platens. You then apply the heat and compress to mould the raw materials to get specimens to test in a lab.

Automatic Rubber Vulcanizing Press Machine

It consists of a heating plate, beam and plate form, cylinder, hydraulic station, electric system, base, and more. This machine is used to heat, vulcanize and solidify various small-sized rubber moulded products.


  • Adopts a semi-automatic control system
  • Made of ductile cast iron.
  • It has powerful electrical elements which stabilize the machine’s performance
  • Have pillars made from carbon steel
  • It has a cartridge heater that adopts three stages; winding, and non-rusty.


These are some of the vulcanizing machines in the market today.When it comes time to buy the device, the above information will come in handy.

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