Ways Students Learn from Mistakes & How Tutors Correct Them Politely

Usually, students are scolded for their notorious behavior or mistakes they make in their academic life and childhood. We all have such memories from our childhood when we were not only scolded by our tutors and parents but also were punished. But the truth is mistakes are not something very bad for the students, instead mistakes are the first step of learning some good lessons, from mistakes a human being learns that life always gives 2nd chance to everyone to prove his/her abilities and potential. Hence no one should lose self-confidence and believe in himself/herself to fight back and win. Learning from mistakes is the most important part of the learning life of kids and very essential for the development of the kids. Most adults know and understand this concept but they never teach this concept to their child. This is very unfortunate. It is an astonishing fact, that there is a positive aspect also of making mistakes and getting things wrong. Schools also keep this fact straight now. Sometimes students bunk the classes and they have to go through punitive actions for it but schools today are opting for attendance management software because it is that tool which maintains all the data related to attendance of the whole school. Many children grow up in such a society where they are not allowed to commit mistakes in order to become perfect children or in order to become the best. 

From mistakes kids get the lesson that no one is perfect on this earth and mistakes happen to teach us something good. Usually, kids are scared of making mistakes and the reason is they fear the wrath of their parents and this is so because they see their parents having tons of expectations from them. Don’t fill the minds of the kids with fear of being punished due to mistakes they commit because kids never do it intentionally, but let them understand that each mistake teaches a lesson which they should understand and memorize. Whenever your kid gets depressed then boost their self-confidence by telling them your story of failure and mistakes and how you dealt with them. Students learn better when they make mistakes. We want them to behave intelligently like tools of online learning as LMS portals. Kids are made to do those things which are becoming reasons to suppress their childhood, just to create the best and perfect in them, whereas it is a known fact that there is nothing such as perfect in this world. Optimistic feedback develops confidence in the students. But in a vice versa, when a student is given poor feedback by the teacher then he/she loses the motivation and usually ends up failing the semester or getting lesser marks. 

Every student is an ocean of talents and this is the responsibility of the tutor to encourage the children not to demotivate them. This should be also kept in concern that too much praise can bring arrogance in the student so it should be balanced. Teacher should never praise any tiniest mistake of the student just because he or she is the tutor’s favorite. Therefore, instead of just saying brilliant job! explain to them why it was brilliant. It is the tutor’s responsibility that he or she should correct the student’s mistakes but there should be some creativity while correcting the students. It is not a big thing to call any of the acts of the student wrong, instead your value as a teacher will flash when you will add education to all of your correctional suggestions. It doesn’t matter at all that you have Ph.D. in any subject but if you are unable to make your student understand the topic you are teaching then it is all in vain. Teachers should not only give feedback and pinpoint the mistakes only. It is their responsibility to correct them and here comes the role of knowledge as a tutor. Correcting the answers is not a big deal but the method is important. For example, a math problem can be solved in two or three ways but tutors usually apply that method which is demonstrated in books, instead they should choose that method which can be understood by children easily.

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